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Dr. Mammales established Cobblestone Chiropractic & Wellness to help individuals achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. With more than 20 years of experience working with the spine and nervous system, he has helped thousands of people with a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

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Don’t wait another day to get checked! Here at our chiropractic and wellness center, new patients are usually seen on the same day of scheduling an appointment.

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Improve your overall wellness with the help of dedicated chiropractors. Undergo therapy in a state-of- the-art office equipped with the latest cutting-edge chiropractic technology.

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Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness Center: Your Gateway to Optimal Health and Wellness

Chiropractic treatment is so much more than quick pain relief. Through the years, many people who desire alternative or complementary natural care for chronic or acute conditions turn to chiropractic. More than 20 million Americans visit a chiropractic and wellness center every year; 35% of them seek back pain relief due to a wide range of reasons, such as sports injuries, whiplash, sciatica, or everyday muscle strains. Chiropractic care is also sought for other complaints, such as pain in the legs, arms, neck, and migraines.

Your Trusted Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach

Our team at Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness will work closely with you so you can achieve optimal health and wellness. We’ve carefully designed each of our services to help you on your journey to pain-free, dynamic, and robust health.

Find Your Preferred Chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach at Cobblestone Chiropractic

We at Cobblestone Chiropractic prioritize long-term and holistic well-being for each of our patients. To achieve this, we work closely with them to achieve the best possible outcome for their treatment.

Together, we become partners in their pursuit of a fulfilling, healthy & pain free life. Every stage of the treatment plan is explained carefully. This is so that patients know they have complete control over the entire process. We welcome people seeking a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach who we believe we can help. Help us make a difference in your life today!

The Cobblestone Chiropractic & Wellness Team - Chiropractor Royal Palm Beach

At Cobblestone Chiropractic & Wellness, Treatment Begins with a Detailed Consultation, Examination & Any Necessary X-rays.

Your journey to improving your health starts with an initial consultation with a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach. Before coming up with a treatment plan, we conduct a thorough initial examination. This is to ensure that every aspect and nuance of each patient’s condition is properly identified and addressed.

We at Cobblestone Chiropractic ensure a thorough assessment of each case during the initial consultation. This includes the assessment of orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic aspects of the patient. We also conduct any necessary x-ray with nerve and muscle scans to ensure that we have all the information to address the patient’s case. This is especially important because there is no single approach to chiropractic care. Each individual’s case has its own unique features and conditions which requires a flexible and precise treatment plan.

Next, You’ll Receive a Report of Findings & Custom Tailored Plan of Action to Get You the Best Results Possible.

Holistic health is not achieved all in one go. This makes it necessary to create a treatment plan that allows us to achieve the best results possible in the quickest amount of time.

It is also at this point that we address the other practicalities of the treatment. The number of sessions needed, optimal duration of each session, and the costs will be discussed with the patient. The end goal is to come up with a plan that will achieve the best possible outcome given the needs of the patient.

We also use adjunctive therapies like physical therapy, rehabilitation and massage therapy to help address the patience needs.

It’s important for a Royal Palm Beach chiropractor to help patients understand every aspect of their treatment plan. The patient’s commitment to their long-term well-being is integral to an effective treatment plan. Cobblestone Chiropractic provides patients access to all test results, x-rays, scans and corresponding interpretations. This is to further empower the patient to pursue optimal heath & well-being.

Dr. Dean Mammales Going Over An XRay With A Patient



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Chiropractor Dr. Dean Mammales Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor Adjusting Patient

You Will Then Receive Custom Tailored Chiropractic Care, Adjunctive Therapies & At Home Stretching & Strengthening Recommendations.

With patients fully involved and committed to their treatment plan, this ensures that the entire process caters to their specific needs. This spans across all aspects of the treatment plan from in-house sessions and home exercises. The patient and the doctors are in control of the treatment plan. Our experienced chiropractors support and offer their best professional recommendations.

Even additional therapies and home care recommendations are also catered to the patient’s needs and preferences. For instance, if you spend all day sitting in front of a computer, we can recommend exercises and stretches to help improve posture and ease any discomfort.

Whether you want symptom relief, corrective care or optimal well-being, we will provide professional support all throughout your wellness and healing journey.

Following Symptom & Corrective Care We Will Show You Not Only How To Maintain The Progress You Have Made But Also To Maximize Your Level Of Health & Wellness.

Patients lead healthier lives, which can only come from a holistic approach to chiropractic care. Aside from in-house therapy sessions, we give our professional recommendations in other aspects of a patient’s life. This includes recommendations on additional therapies, home exercises, and dietary plan. The goal is to help patients get the most out of their chiropractic treatment plan.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor around the 33411 area, give us a call at 561-753-2225. We can help get you started on your pursuit of health and well-being.

Dr. Dean Explaining To Patients About Chiropractic Care Royal Palm Beach

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