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Auto Accidents

Normally this page is focused on the benefits of car accident chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach for patients who have suffered injuries in car accidents - and we will get to that discussion. However, first we want to inform our patients and friends of upcoming changes to auto insurance laws that will have significant impact to access to coverage and treatment after an accident.

Get Personalized Chiropractic Care by Royal Palm Beach Chiropractor

Excellent chiropractic care begins with proper evaluation of a patient’s underlying condition. It is very important to choose a chiropractor in Royal Palm Beach that will take time to conduct proper assessment and examination. These will serve as the basis for the recommended treatment that will be given to the patient.

Physical Therapy in Royal Palm Beach: Why Expert Chiropractor Swears By It

At Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness, a critical element of our rehabilitative approach is physical therapy in Royal Palm Beach. Physical therapy promotes an individual’s ability to move, restore function, prevent future injuries, and reduce pain. As such, physical therapy is a key component of natural healing and recovery for anyone suffering from medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses that limit their ability to function and move.

Get Your Life Back with Non-Invasive Cervical Decompression Therapy

Stop suffering from chronic neck and upper back pains with Cervical Decompression Therapy. This non-invasive procedure helps correct herniated or misaligned intervertebral discs affecting the cervical spine. A consistent and holistic treatment plan removes this interference, and helps the body correct and heal itself.

Weight Loss

Are you ready to get moving?
Looking to take your sport to the next level by improving your strength and endurance?
Do you need to lose weight?
Would you like to get off blood pressure, or other medications?

Royal Palm Beach Massage Therapy for Fantastic Body and Mind Wellness

Chiropractic care is all about the proper alignment of the spine to promote the preservation and restoration of an individual’s health. Chiropractic dates back to the 1800s, and since then, has helped millions of people around the world regain function and reduce pain using a natural healing method. Aside from seeking out chiropractic care, however, many people have benefited from Cobblestone Chiropractic and Wellness’ massage in Royal Palm Beach.

Why Cobblestone Chiropractic & Wellness?


Dr. Mammales established Cobblestone Chiropractic & Wellness to help individuals achieve a better and healthier lifestyle.

Easy Booking

Here at our chiropractic and wellness center, new patients are usually seen on the same day of scheduling an appointment.

State of the Art

Improve your overall wellness with the help of dedicated chiropractors. Undergo therapy in a state-of-the-art office equipped with the latest cutting-edge chiropractic technology.

How can we help?

We offer a wide range of procedures to keep you robust, energetic and pain-free.

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